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The trend of Music Marketing for Branding is no stranger to us
To create a Brand Name Advertising through Music Marketing, you spend a lot of effort, time and money to make a great video and take some great photos. You arrange the best information, edit video and pictures. Everything is cut, polished, and quite nice to launch for your fans / readers. Then, you create a smart title and upload. Then you wait for them to like, comment, share, … but they do not do or they do, but the number is not significant and not the same as expected
Does Music Marketing have LIVING LIVES on Social Media
This shows that the level of interactivity (advertisers and audiences) is very low. Simply because it still carries the direction of a promotional video that does not bring practical value to meet the needs and expectations to understand, learn or experience of the audience
Does Music Marketing have LIVING LIVES on Social Media

So are there other marketing solutions that increase LEADs and SALES on Social Media in the midst of so much news and marketing chaos? Case study of CocaCola bring the exact answer

With a reasonable budget and a good marketing budget management solution, sticking with the big sporting events helped these brands grow strongly with the sport activities. Through the sponsorship of sports, they proved the brand healthy and potential of the company
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