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SR Vietnam provides Comprehensive Market Research to get Market Understanding and Consumer Insights for proposing the suitable Solutions of Business Strategy, Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy. SR Vietnam can offer a 360 ° integrated marketing communication plan that includes Traditional & Digital Communication Campaigns from The Above-The-Line to Below-The-Line Marketing Tools

Storytelling is the framework for a business’s life and expressed with the brand persona and the writer’s personality at center stage. We provide an Interesting Brand Story Content Plan thru finding your Business Problem, Listening Your Insight and Understanding You Expectation

Our Process for Proposing a Storytelling Content Campaign includes four stages from Content Concept, Content Creative Design, Content Production to Content Distribution across Multi-Media Platforms

“We are the storytellers, not logicians”

We have more than 15-year experiences in Sales Field in Vietnam market. We understand Market and Customers from Sales Plan such as Market Survey, Competitive Analysis, Sales Strategy to Sales Execution like Sales Policy Building, Sales Distribution Network Setup, Sales Demand Creation, Sales Activation, Driven Sales Revenue Growth in the whole country

SR Vietnam delivers and manages the totally effective integrated marketing communication campaign under the traditional and digital communication strategies and image-clip related activities internally and externally which includes advertising, publications, website, social media, visual materials…

SR Vietnam offer the integrated campaign at Sports event for transferring brand impression and image on the target audience containing pre, in and post event thru Advertising, Publications, Brand, Look, PR, and Activations

We plan and deliver integrated marketing communication strategies through the promotion of sports activities for your strong brand image building. We coordinate and implement activation programs pre, during and post each sports events for raising brand awareness and increasing our Clients’ revenue

The world is daily changing. We always understand the reasons, what was, what is and what will be happening around us. That is why we are here, researching, analyzing and communicating our Clients’ brand to our Clients’ customers. We utilize our insights to bring the secondly ever-changing marketing trend, to help your businesses generate ideas, develop strategies, and achieve the best results. We bring our Clients’ Brand to Interact with our Clients’ Target Audiences thru FoodTV Experience, FoodTV Talks, FoodTV Storytelling, FoodTV Recipes and FoodTV Insiders Platforms

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