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Our Expertise

The Knight of SR Vietnam converged from Multi-National Companies, TOP 5 Groups in Vietnam not only experienced in Business and Marketing Strategy but also had multi-perspective to bring in-depth and practical solutions to help our Clients for strategic and feasible decision making. Our Expertise includes

Business Strategy

Business strategy consists of market survey and competition analysis, entry and exit barriers findings, market segmentation, market trends, organizational scale and culture, product and service portfolio, branding and differentiation, business model, sales distribution channels, supply and demand, sales revenue, price structure, cash flow, technology, strategic partnerships and the keys to success.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy is the expression of the essence of an organization, product, or service – its reason for being. Branding communicates the characteristics, values and attributes that the organization or product stands for, how it is positioned differently to competitors, and why a customer would buy it

A brand strategy clearly outlines a brand’s unique characteristics, values, attributes, architecture framework, positioning, the employee value proposition (EVP), customer value propositions (CVPs) and brand portfolio strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is shaped both by business strategy and brand strategy. All marketing initiatives are the more tactical push campaigns that reinforce and support the brand essence

Marketing is actively promoting and selling a product or service thru putting the right product/service in the right place, at the right price, at the right time with the right promotion

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